GDPP Constitution

The aim of the GDPP is to serve patients, with all types of skin diseases in Gwent, Powys and all geographical areas covered by the regional primary care trust currently known as the Aneurin Bevan Health Board. This also includes patients and their families, care givers, and relevant supporting and interested others.

Further aims are to include access to patient involvement in both education and research together with the participation and advocacy of their NHS dermatology services. The GDPP is a member led organisation.

In order to carry out the purposes of the organisation the GDPP has the power to:

  • Raise funds, receive grants and donations
  • Apply for funds or grants to carry out the work of the organisation
  • Co-operate with and support other organisations and agencies with similar purposes
  • Do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve its purposes.

Membership is open to all dermatology patients, their carers, relatives and anyone with an involvement and interest within the field of dermatology. Membership includes the ‘Committee Members’ who will manage the organisation, ‘participating members’ who are dermatology patients, their relations or carers and ‘interested parties’ who may need to be involved with the organisation for specific reasons other than those associated with dermatology.

All members shall provide valid contact information that must include an email and/or postal address; a mobile and/or landline telephone number. Members will be contacted via their preferred method i.e. mail, email, text message or telephone. Data will be held in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Management Committee will be limited to 5 officers; and will include a nominated Chair, Treasurer and Secretary who will be elected at an AGM or EGM. Election of officers will need a proposal and a second vote. In the event of more than one person being proposed for a position the officer with the majority of members’ votes shall be elected.

All officers will serve for three years, and can be re-elected.

In the event of a Committee Officer standing down from his/her position an EGM shall be called where a new officer will be duly elected.

Officers of the GDPP Committee can be replaced by a “vote of confidence”. In order for a vote of confidence to be conducted, 20% of all members must sign a proposal and the proposal is to be delivered to the Chairperson in writing: an EGM will be scheduled.

Working Meetings

In the event of either the Chairperson or the Secretary being unable to attend a working meeting either officer may stand-in for their respective roles.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will be held on the third Tuesday of January annually.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

In the event of a situation arising that requires an EGM, the date shall be circulated to all members, who must be notified at least fourteen days before the proposed EGM.

All decisions must have a quorum of 3 people (two committee officers and 1 member) attending, present and voting. Any resolution of the GDPP should be passed by a majority of those present and voting. In the event of an equal number of votes being cast the Chairperson shall have the casting Vote.

Any change to the constitution may only be passed at an AGM or EGM. Members wishing to make an amendment or suggested amendment to the constitution will need to contact the secretary and request that their suggested amendments be included in the agenda of the next meeting. The secretary will notify all members with the proposed changes in writing or by email at least fourteen days before the date of the scheduled EGM.

All moneys raised by the GDPP will be used for the purpose of achieving its aims. Any monetary assets of the GDPP will be held in a bank account. The name of the bank account will be Gwent Dermatology Patient Panel. The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are the only Members authorised to sign cheques. Any withdrawals from the account may only be done so by cheque: the cheque must have two signatures of which one must be the Treasurer.

In the event of the dissolution of the GDPP all assets belonging to GDPP will be forwarded in full to Academic Dermatology, St. Woolos Hospital, Stow Hill, Newport, NP20 4SZ to use for research in the field of Dermatology in Wales.