Good news for Psoriasis Patients

Under the present system, patients with psoriasis are either given an outpatient appointment or are discharged from the hospital. If/when your psoriasis flares up again you have to see your GP for a re-referral to the specialist.

Now, under a new Psoriasis Direct Access System of Care, all that will change. You would not be discharged, or have to keep a predetermined routine appointment [when the condition may not be troublesome]. 

Instead of having to go through your GP for re-referral, you will be able to make an appointment with the Direct Access Team yourself, by calling the Telephone Advice Line. The initial contact will be with a Clinical Nurse Specialist who will then provide advice or arrange an appointment in the appropriate clinic.

Other News

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Dermatology Direct Access System For Psoriasis Patients

To make an advice line call:

 01633 656362

  • Dial the advice line number 01633 656362
  • Wait for the message on the answer phone to finish
  • Listen for the tone at the end of the message before you begin and leave the following information:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Your telephone contact details
    • State clearly that you are in the Direct Access System

The whole idea of the service is to give patients freedom and choice – freedom to contact the service direct and choice of timing. It will help patients manage their conditions with more flexibility and confidence.

You will still be free to speak to your GP, of course.

At the present time the service is being planned only for patients with psoriasis, and the Direct Access System needs an email address for each patient.

For more information, contact GDPP